Paso Robles Windshield Repair Company Reports ‘Taking Care of a Newly Installed Windshield’

Paso Robles windshield repair

Paso Robles windshield repair

-There’s more to getting a new windshield installed than simply paying the technician and driving off to work or to pick up the kids. “The new windshield needs some special care for a while,” said Teresa O’Mara from Cal State Auto & Truck Glass, the Paso Robles windshield repair company.”

Whether the windshield replacement is paid for by insurance or out of pocket, it’s an expensive investment. Not following the technician’s instructions about caring for the new windshield for the first few days can result in damage that voids the warranty and additional expense that may not be covered by insurance.

The new windshield is held in place by an adhesive, which also creates a waterproof seal. The adhesive needs time to set and dry. The curing time for the adhesive might vary depending on which adhesive was used, but generally, extra care needs to be taken for up to two days. The technician from the Paso Robles windshield repair company, will give you of a few easy instructions:

  • Wait a short time to drive the vehicle. The technician will tell you the amount of time to wait, but generally, the wait-time is around an hour.
  • Don’t remove retention tape before the specified time. The technician may have applied the tape to help hold the windshield in place while the adhesive dries.
  • Avoid carwashes and power washing for at least the first two days. . Hand washing might be okay, but be sure to ask the technician.
  • Leave a window rolled down for at least an inch to help reduce air pressure inside the vehicle. Air pressure can stress the seal as it dries. A day after installation is usually long enough to keep a window slightly open.
  • For the first day after installation, don’t cover the vehicle or use a sunshade on the windshield (inside or out). Keep the dashboard free of clutter and park the vehicle someplace where debris is unlikely to land on the windshield.
  • Close the vehicle doors gently. Slamming doors increases air pressure.
  • Avoid driving on rough roads while the adhesive is curing and the new windshield is settling.

“Overall, go easy on your new windshield for the first couple of days,” said O’Mara. “Clean it gently with a soft damp cloth. Call us if you have any questions.”

Cal State Auto & Truck Glass repairs and replaces auto glass for all makes and models of vehicles. The locally owned company has been providing mobile and in-shop Paso Robles windshield repair and replacement for over 40 years. The company serves the Central Coast of California all technicians are certified by DOW/Dupont the leading manufacturer of adhesives. The company is an approved installation company for most insurance companies.

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