Paso Robles windshield replacement company announces leading tips for choosing windshield washer fluid

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-A clean windshield is important for safe driving and for taking care of the windshield and works with the windshield wipers to keep a section of the windshield as clear as possible for the driving conditions but is not the 100% answer to safe visibility. The management from Cal State Auto & Truck Glass has prepared some tips to help choose a washing fluid and get the best performance from that choice.

Windshield washer fluid can be thought of as a sort of detergent for breaking down dirt, dust, debris and bugs so the wipers can sweep it all away, leaving a clear area behind. Thinking of the fluid as a detergent is not to be confused with actual detergent. A few things like plain water, or dish or laundry detergent are not going to deliver good results for the windshield. In fact, actual detergent might cause streaking, even when the wipers are brand new and top quality.

Commercial windshield washer fluid contains methanol and other alcohols such as ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze. It is the alcohols that break down the debris on the windshield and also serve to de-ice in the winter versions of washer fluid.

As a caution, the online medical information resource, describes the alcohols used in washer fluid as toxic. Store and handle the solutions as any other potentially harmful material.

Teresa O’Mara, owner of the Paso Robles windshield replacement company says, “The first consideration for an effective washer fluid is that it works for the climate where it’s being used.”

  • Winter climates with ice and snow require a fluid that won’t freeze and is going to help de-ice the windshield
  • For rain choose a washer fluid that helps the wipers sheet the rain from the windshield to preserve visibility
  • For extra dusty environments, or heavy insect traffic, such as rural regions or highway commutes, a fluid that can clean dirt and insects off the windshield is important
  • When planning a road trip, check the weather conditions and use a fluid that delivers the best results for that weather

Washer fluid is not a 100% solution to a clean windshield. It’s only as successful as the windshield wipers and the condition of the windshield. “Yes. You still have to wash the windshield and all the other windows,” says O’Mara. Other important information for maximum safety and visibility include:

  • Keep the windshield in good condition, cracks, pitting and other damages interfere with the line of vision
  • Change windshield wipers regularly because they age, crack and leave streaks behind instead of cleaning
  • Damaged wipers can damage the windshield

The Paso Robles windshield replacement company is a family business that has been serving the California Central Coast for over 30 years. Cal State Auto & Truck Glass provides full-service, lifetime warranty auto and truck glass repair and replacement for all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles served, including buses and government vehicles. Call for mobile service or in-shop service.

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