San Luis Obispo Windshield Repair Company Explains What you need to know about windshield repair

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–The first reaction is to “keep an eye on it” when a vehicle windshield or other window gets a small chip or crack, waiting for the first sign of the damage spreading before getting it fixed. The experts from Cal State Auto and Truck Glass, the San Luis Obispo windshield repair company, say the damage can get worse in a split second and waiting can be more expensive, even dangerous.

Usually, small chips can be repaired and add years of life to a windshield. Most vehicle insurance policies will cover repairs and replacements. Some guidelines for deciding to repair or replace include:

  • Common sense says always repair windshield damage before it spreads
  • If the damage can be covered by a quarter and is not directly in the driver’s line of vision, it can most likely be repaired.
  • Depending on state laws and vehicle insurance coverage, more than one damaged spot might require replacement.
  • Pitted, or “sand blasted” windshields should always be replaced. Even though the pits are very small, they can contribute to headlight glare, sun glare, and increased difficulty seeing in rain and fog, even when the windshield wipers are full speed.
  • Any damage that impairs the driver’s vision requires windshield replacement.
  • Rear and side windows can be replaced as well.

A special resin is injected into a chip during the repair. It takes an expert hand to know how to drill to the correct layer in the windshield without ruining the entire windshield. The windshield technicians from the San Luis Obispo windshield repair are trained and certified in all aspects of auto glass repair.

Evaluating and performing repairs or replacement takes experience. Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits attempt to replicate the professional resin injection technique, but do not include the same tools and quality of material used by the experts. In a pinch, a DIY kit might prevent more damage until the windshield can be professionally repaired, but the material in the kit might interfere with properly repairing the windshield.

The best thing to do as soon as possible after the windshield, or any vehicle window, is damaged is to make an appointment to get the window taken care of. Vehicle glass repair companies usually have mobile service and Cal State Auto and Truck Glass has both mobile and in-shop service.

The San Luis Obispo windshield repair company provides free estimates, works with all makes and models of vehicles and accepts most insurance.

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