Be safe! Driving with a damaged windshield is illegal in California, Reports A Paso Robles Windshield Repair Company

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–If driving with a damaged windshield is illegal in California, why are there so many vehicles on the road with cracked and chipped windshields? “Those drivers are on borrowed time before getting a ticket or the windshield gets worse,” said Teresa O’Mara, the owner of a Paso Robles windshield repair service.

Section 26710 of the California Vehicle Code states that it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle when the windshield or rear window is in such defective condition as to impair the drivers vision to the front or rear. “Even though you can see around a crack or a chip,” said O’Mara, “it’s really up to the police officer who pulls you over to decide if the damage is a violation.” No one wants a traffic ticket or the hassle that comes with the ticket. Even more, No one with a damaged windshield wants the damage to get to the point that it is hazardous.

Cal State Auto and Truck Glass, the Paso Robles windshield repair company, is not providing legal advice of any kind about what to do if a driver is cited for a defective windshield. See an attorney for legal advice and call Cal State Auto and Truck Glass for vehicle window repair.

Most vehicle insurance policies cover repairs or replacement. A small chip or crack that is not impairing the driver’s vision can be easily repaired. The repair can prevent further cracking that can require a full replacement.

Along with the possibility of getting a traffic ticket and being forced to repair the windows, there are real and important reasons for repairing vehicle windows as soon as possible.

  • A damaged vehicle window is not safe
  • Vision is impaired


The windshield is considered part of the total structural integrity of a vehicle. There is the possibility that airbags may not function properly with an impaired windshield. In the case of an accident when the airbags do deploy and the windshield is already weakened, there is a chance the airbag can exit the vehicle, leaving passengers even more vulnerable to injury.

Impaired vision

Cracks and chips distort vision. Even though the driver might be able to see around small damaged spots during normal driving circumstances, any sudden change in traffic or driver vigilance can change the line of vision in an instant. A chip or crack can suddenly spread and block the driver’s vision. Driving through dust and sand not only pits and windshield, it can help existing damage spread. Even washing the car on a hot day can spread a chip or crack in the windshield.

Cal State Auto and Truck Glass is the company to call to repair or replace damaged windshields and vehicle glass. With over 70 years of combined experience this company has been providing Paso Robles windshield repair and replacement services for over 30 years.

The company works on all makes and models. Cal State Auto and Truck is an approved installation company for most insurers.

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